Newborns (Between Day 5 and day 21)

Newborn Photographer PooleNewborn Photographer Poole

Why so early?

Newborns babies sleep! After three weeks, the amount of time spent awake increases dramatically.  You also want to treasure just how small they are.  At this size we are able to pose them in a way that’s truly unique, again after a few weeks, they lose this womb-like positioning and it becomes more difficult and unsafe to pose them.

Why do the sessions take 2-3 hours?

It takes time to position them, ensure their comfort, safety and of course, the final details that I like to ensure are done before taking an image.  They at times can need a little feed dependent on their routine.   However I have to insist that following my careful preparations for the session will make your session go a lot better!

When do we get our preparation pack?

Once you have paid your deposit and the booking is all in the diary.  It will be emailed to you, please read it carefully.

Can I bring my own props?

You may bring your own props.  I have a certain style I like to keep to and I may advise what I think will go best with what.  I have a huge collection of adorable props which you may find difficult to resist….   😉

Can I bring family / friends with me to the session?


Any other questions?  Shoot me an email! I’m always happy to answer any questions you have at all.


Fresh 48

Fresh 48 Session Poole

Fresh 48 sessions are becoming increasing popular, the are unposed and very natural images produced around 48 hours old mark.  They provide a time capsule of the wonderful emotion experience when a new addition arrives and can even been done in hospital should you wish to capture their short stay on the post-natal ward.  Otherwise they take place at my studio.


Lifestyle Session

Newborn Lifestyle Session

These are done within your home, they are very natural unposed shots of you and your new addition in the comfort of you own home.  They are ideal for those who prefer the more natural and simple style. Lifestyle gallery here


BABIES & TODDLERS (3 months +)

I’m worried my baby won’t cooperate during the session.

Please don’t worry! I work within the mood and personality of your little one.  Keep the drama levels low and the fun factor high! Don’t overwhelm them and don’t panic if you think they’re not being themselves, they soon will!

How many outfits can I bring to my session?

Bring as many as you like, dependent on which package you paid for we will try to get as many in as possible for a variety of poses.

Do you photograph siblings?

Yes! Bring them along!

Can you fix any imperfections such as rash or conjunctivitis?

It’s best to reschedule your session if your little one has an ailment.  Whilst some conditions are easy to fix in photoshop, they are time consuming and add to my editing time greatly.  It would be far easier to rebook.


Family Photographer Poole

What do wear for our family session?

This is a great question.  I created a pinterest board for those who want inspiration and great examples of how to dress for your shoot including many different style.  You can find it here:

Do you work weekends?

I have a very limited number of Saturdays/Sundays I work.  As you will appreciate I too have a family and time with them is important.  However I appreciate that this may be the only time we can work something out.  In summer I am available for evenings too as the days are longer and the sun is out later in the evening, try to utilise these short months!



How long until we can see our gallery?

I aim to deliver images within 14 days from your session, however on the day of your session I will advise

How long do we have to choose our images?

5 days from when you receive your gallery link.  A £15 charge is applied for reopening the gallery.

Can we use our images in baby competitions?

You may use images for baby competitions but as courtesy I do like to know if you have submitted them, especially if they win! 😀

Where is the best place to print our images?

I supply a list of recommended printing labs for your images with your disc.


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